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Sure the man on the Harley may have been speeding and perhaps should have gotten a speeding ticket if caught--He Didn't deserve to DIE !!!

The Drunk driving without a license shouldn't have been out of his house alone. He broke the law when he started his car! He knew from previous charges that driving drunk could kill someone. He chose to do it anyhow. Since he chose to drive drunk without a license he should be charged with at least 2nd degree murder and sent to prison.

I hope he is sitting in jail now--finally. will be safer on the streets. Oh, I forgot, around here DWI drivers always get slapped on the wrist in court and sent back out to kill one of us legal drivers.
I am sure there are dozens out there driving drunk without a license or insurance or legal tags right this minute.
Wouldn't suprise me at all to see another innocent DWI death on the news tomorrow.
What I wonder is why do the innocent people always die who are driving along minding their own business yet the drunks live to kill another day...........


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