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"...before we had the illegals here"?, I don't think so.

So what era are you speaking of the 1970's? Add that mistake to the rest of those you identify in your post! You're trying to convince us that illegal aliens are acually "creating jobs" here in America? Hardly my under-medicated friend! Those illegals are the ones the builders and developers pay under the table. The ones that take the construction jobs legal citizens need. It's all done in the name of the almighty profit for the builders. They pay taxes? REALLY now? So you really belive that illegal aliens file federal and state tax returns, file their local property taxes and pay them? You really believe thay go to the emergency room with injuries, sickeness and pregnant with child and pay their bill on the way out? Do you believe they aren't a SIGNIFICANT factor of the 45% increase of EBT card (food stamp) payouts? What ARE you smoking? And then, you believe skyrocketing health care costs are the fault of the insurance companies? Lookie here Einstein, there are a few of us that are still responsible Americans. We work hard, pay our taxes, keep our health insurance active and pay our way to earn a decent living. We are the ones footing the bill for the ones that do not. That list grows by orders of the magnitude monthly. Where do you think all the money comes from to support all of those that do not do their part? I personally paid in excess of $28,000.00 in Federal and State taxes last year. That would be a nice chunk to keep in hand, huh? "Hernandez" does! They still want more taxes from me. Do you have a CLUE as to why? Here's one, because "Hernandez" doesn't pay! "Hernandez" keeps his full payout, gets free food for his family, Section 8 housing benefits AND free healthcare, birthcosts, pre/post natal care and a childs citezenship to boot. All of this comes at the expense of the responsible, tax paying American Citizens. Not bad bene's for someone that isn't legally supposed to be here huh?

Now, I'm not even going to "go there" with the burden of illegals on our court system and costs of incarceration. Again, a significant population with significant costs that haven't been dealt with. Are those the "jobs" you seem to think "they created"? More turnkeys for the prison system?

You really want to correct a few things? Do a little research before you post things of such illogical nonsense!


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