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Chill out

If you've read my previous posts(which you obviously haven't) you would see that I admit that they have inherited a system that is old, decrepit and falling apart. I have never thought CFPUA would turn this around in anything less than a decade.
The city and county abdicated their responsibility by creating this entity which represents both bodies of government.
So, when I say, and FACTUALLY, I might add, that CFPUA is the largest polluter in New Hanover county that means that both the city and county are both doing their best to pollute our local waterways and tributaries.
Now why doesn't CFPUA come out and say what NOBODY wants to hear - like the truth - and say the actual words,
"To all taxpayers of Wilmington and New Hanover County. We apologize for all the spills and pollution. As you can imagine we have inherited a system that is old, over worked, and at the same time growing, due to the population growth of New Hanover County. In order to make up for years of neglect we need to invest $500 MILLION dollars for new infrastructure to bring the old system up to date and allow for continued growth. This will cause rates to triple and property taxes to go up as well."

Of course they won't say this.
Until such time as they start telling the truth I'll continue bashing them - both seriously and facetiously. They have a very tough job and inherited a mess.
But no matter which was you slice it and dice it they are the areas largest polluter....



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