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Thank you so much for your post Leshasta.

You have finally pushed me over the edge. My tolerance for you and people like you is now officially over.

"why ya'll judging him" : Because he murdered an innocent woman, that's why. I'm also judging you as well for what you've posted.

"he is a good man" : He was not a good man and you know that. He had "43 charges in New Hanover and Brunswick counties, including three DWIs". Now you can add murder to that list as well. There is no way to define that as good, unless of course, you're not good yourself. That would be your problem, not mine.

"he got family too" : And they are complicit in this murder by having allowed him to continue to do the things he's been doing. If they had any decency at all, they would have reported him to stop him from continuing to break the law. They didn't and now an innocent woman is dead. I guess that's OK in your book though, because in the projects, "ya jus don't talk to the man, cause he the enemy". That would be your problem, not mine.

"he has problems like all us who grew up in the projects" : Society in America, out of sincere compassion for the most part, has been more than willing to pay for the housing of those too indigent to handle those costs themselves. We don't have to; we don't owe it to you, but we do it anyway. You now turn around and tell us that this very same housing can now be used as an excuse by its residents for commiting criminal acts. Somehow, we are now responsible for your criminal behaviour. This is somehow our fault that this woman was murdered. That's it for me. I draw a line in the sand between compassionate giving and tolerating someone who's "biting the hand that feeds you". The solution is patently simple. If public housing is the problem, we can simply eliminate it and you can fend for yourself. That, as of now, would be your problem and not mine as well.

There is a middle ground though; a way for society to still exercise compassion while not tolerating self abuse. Other cities have utilized it with some effectiveness. Purge public housing of criminals and the families who tolerate criminal activity in their families. Engage in criminal activity and you're out. Tolerate criminal activity within your family and choose not to work with authorities to stop it and you're out too. Period.

Somehow, I suspect you'll find that to be unfair. That, as of now, would be your problem and not mine as well.


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