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Thank you Angewidert for

Thank you Angewidert for calling a spade a spade. Family or not, project raised or not, what this person was did was wrong. And the court system allowing him to 'go free' [to take care of another little criminal activity] didn't help the situation. It's pretty clear that this person [can't call him a man] thumbs his nose at society and the judicial system, as a whole. What a drain on our society these people cause [disagree?? Look at Detroit]. Let me be clear, I'm not a racist. I don't discriminate based on anyone's race, creed, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, obesity, etc.,'s where I DO discriminate -- the lazy, immoral, unethical, criminally active, government defrauders, pedophiles, and the like. And now, thanks to an irresponsible person, MY TAX DOLLARS will now go to house, feed and medicate a criminal. Perfect. Gee, haven't heard from Bon Qui Qui, aka Leshasta. I'm pretty sure she's busy looking up the .50 words like 'indigent' and 'complicit' in the dictionary. "Oh, no he di-ent" [finger wave]. It's people like YOU Leshasta, that is causing the crumbling of America. Sad thing is, you, and all the texters, clubbers, cell-phone-talking-while-driving-while-oblivious don't see it. It's all ok, everybody, President Obama is going to save us. God Bless Mrs. Mintz, one of the innocent many.


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