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Originally proposed by Phil Gramm.
Never instituted until the Joint Commission on reducing the Deficit (8 Dems 8 Gop-ers) proposed it as a way to get politicians moving on debt issues.
It's $85B dollars folks
$25B more than the aid bill for Hurricane Sandy
Try to keep a little perspective here will yah?
After EVERY war defense spending went down. WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War.
What bothers me is that as Iraq and Afpakistan wind down we are insisting on keeping defense spending very VERY high. We are MORE than double what Reagan was spending on Defense.......
Ike was right - the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) was something to be feared and to watch out for.
I am a Hawk on defense issues but a realist on fiscal issues. We can throttle back on defense spending - smartly......



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