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Just once ....

... it would be nice to see a news report based on some actual facts instead of one based almost entirely on conjecture or political sound bites.

- Obama says "massive federal spending cuts COULD include a nearly 25-percent reduction in what the Coast Guard does". That's a political sound bite, not a fact.
- " Diligence crewmembers and their family HOPE to avoid a person impact."
- "We just PRAY they don't make any cuts"
- "IF they cut across the board DEPENDING on what cuts they make it COULD affect our pay it COULD affest our health care, HOPEFULLY not our health care DEPENDING on what cut it COULD affect my family"
- "the sequester COULD hurt the economy"

That’s an entire news piece based on opinions with not one actual number to specifically quantify any one of them up.

Both political parties are putting out political sound bites. Both political parties are putting our country in jeopardy by refusing to compromise. Both political parties are wrong, really, really wrong!

Just for once though, it would be nice to see a news organization put out a piece based on some quantitative substance instead of completely relying on the emotional sound bites of others. A news article that doesn't continue to encourage politcians to put out even more sound bites instead of rolling up their sleeves and coming up with real solutions. That would require some actual work on the part of the press as well. Politicians will continue to fake it if the press continues to enable them to do that.

It would be nice to see a news piece like that, if even for just one time.


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