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I never knew Martha Mintz or

I never knew Martha Mintz or any of her family. I am however very angry at a legal system that allows things like this to happen. This man should have either been locked away or facing such devastating consequences if he were to drive again, that he would voluntarily get no closer than 50 yards to a motor vehicle. What really made me the most angry was that some pansy-tailed judge let him go simply because he had some kind of a probation hearing. What kind of justice is this? What kind of member of a judicial system would dare turn someone like this, with his record, loose on the citizens of North Carolina? I guess it IS all about the dollar.....court costs, fines, evaluations, drug rehab, driver's school, attorneys' fees, increased insurance premiums, money, money, money. This blood money cannot be generated if someone is incarcerated, but if allowed to be arrested over and over, look at the money the State reaps. I really think that the lives of the people on our roads are simply the pawns or "bait" if you will, for those who gain so much from the death and destruction DUI's cause. Rest in peace, Ms. Mintz. May your loved ones find peace and closure hopefully when this, whatever he is, is locked away for life.


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