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A nine-time convicted Felon...out again??? WHY?

Gun control? Assault weapons ban, magazine bans, ammo bans? Why in the hell don't we try FELON bans? I'm reading about two or three of these criminals a week in our local news. Can you imagine the state and federal magnitude of this type of situation? The government actually questions "why" most citizens want firearms for protection while they purposely allow known and violent felons like this man to freely walk among us?

Inmate Washington here happens to be the proud owner of NINE FELONY convictions...NINE!!! Four of them were for Robbery with a Dangerouse Weapon, one conviction for Armed Robbery and four more felony convictions for Larceny and Breaking and Entering. These are ALL violent crimes and weapons related. Now, he's up again for robbing someone at gunpoint? WHY? Why isn't he on permanent lockdown. Why was that man so rudely interrupted as he knawed on his BigMac by a Felonius criminal that wanted to steal his stuff?

Remember this folks! It isn't the law-abiding citizens of this country that are involved in gun violence. It's the FELONS, just like this subterranean worm that was purposely allowed back into society, MULTIPLE TIMES to wreak havok any way he wants on those law abiding citizens.


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