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You have got to be one of

You have got to be one of the most miss informed people that has commented on this fiasco! 1st, the sheriff knows what this investigation is about. He has known what it was about from the beginning! As sheriff you don't get investigated in your own county by state law enforcement officials and not know why!!! 2nd, it has been obvious to me and most every other sane, voting citizen with more than 1 brain cell functioning that things at the sheriff's office are not what they seem. And if it is a captain in the sheriff's own office then that should be proof enough that the very people he works with don't trust him or respect him as the sheriff or a man. I'm curious how in the world would this show you he is a "good man"? 3rd, if it is for someone elses gain it sure wouldn't be for John Ingrams gain, he has been long gone from that hell hole and from what I hear glad for it! Anyway, what makes you an expert on what he is doing? Who gave you insight into someone elses life and the choices they make? I am so tired of people making excuses for Ronald Hewett. Here's a new one Ronald, how about taking responsibility for your own actions!!!! That too much for you??? Let me make this clear for anyone who has a question John Ingram supports Charlie Miller, always has and always will!!! When the truth comes out and it will everyone will know that neither of them started this! But from what I hear they intend to finish it and I for one certainly hope they do!!!


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