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I understand everyone's

I understand everyone's point of view and their grief. No it wasn't right for her to death to come as it did. No after the DWI's he was charged with should he had been under the wheel of another vechile. But why go after Ms Sandra Ray for not sentencing. To know the deep truth she didn't lock him up because of the accused to DWI, Did you know he had been appearing to every court date for the past two years and still when they sent his blood off that was taken the day of the arrest they could find nothing as in alcohol,drugs, accetives in his system.So in two years of investigation they still didn't have physical proof to charge him. That it was him who chose to plead guilty because he was tired of being drug to court. For you to know this man had problems in bedded that no one could see further than help.This accident wasn't intentional, but the news failed to mention that this so called "careless driver" recieved his own concussion but still got out of the damage vechile and ran to Ms Mintz side trying to rescue her because it was that an accident. Or is the news also stating they charged him once again with a DWI but his blood they ran at the hospital was once again NEGATIVE FOR ALCOHOL,DRUGS, OR ACCEDITIVES. Did they mention that the brakes went out in his vechile why it looked like he wasn't stopping for the first crash but simply trying to get the vechile to stop but it wouldn't.Before you judge get all detailed facts.I pray for the family who lost their mother,grandmother. But my prayers also go out for his family who is dealing with the grief of losing him and the woman that was hurt as well.He's not the monster your making him out to be, everyone has to go through something in their life, some just more difficult than others. And for the record he didn't grow up in the projects he came from a very standable,stable family.


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