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And your facts come from

And your facts come from where? Let me guess... the habitual DWI offender and criminal? Yeah, because he has a history of telling the truth. I hope he did see her face so he'll be reminded of what a stupid, selfish act caused and it haunts him. My guess it was more of an "oh, sh*t, please don't be dead" reaction he had. People who have a 10+ year history of criminal behavior, who repeatedly offend, and haven't learned their lesson don't get to occupy the soft place in my heart for those who make mistakes. God will have to have mercy on his soul because forgiveness is nowhere in sight.

That being said, let's back up and assume, for a nanosecond, I take stock in your comment. Take substances out of the equation, "failed brakes," well intended to help her, etc. Here's the bottom line: he drove with a revoked license. If everything else was happenstance, he's still a murderer because he broke the law when he got behind the wheel without a driver's license. He wrote the check that will seal his fate. I just hope the judge is worth his/her weight in salt and makes him cash it.

Oh, and one more thing. I've had my brakes fail and it didn't have me speeding down the highway at a high rate of speed. It had me pulling the parking brake and cutting the engine. Surely to goodness if a girl can do it this "man" could have, too.

In the words of Billy Sunday, "an excuse is the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie."


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