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Vog, we don't need to agree to a tax for incarceration.

Everything doesn't always boil down to taxation for funding. We re-allocate existing funding and apply it reasonably for "bang for the buck". We can start with elimination of lifetime entitlement bene's for the lazy that don't or won't work and deal drugs for a living. We stop feeding, providing housing and free healthcare to every illegal alien that casually strolls across our border. We take the current prisoners and put then to mandatory work detail and reduce the government load. Prisoners do excellent roofing tar and asphalt paving in the summertime. In addition, we fine and seize property of the perpetrators to put that back into the system and help pay for it. By doing this we reduce crime, keep the criminals under lock and key, they stop laughing and the people stop losing. We won't need as many judges, so the ones we keep will have to do their job in a top notch manner. We won't need as many lawyers as the criminal will remain in prison and won't need them.

In addition, this is the first and foremost basic step to controlling gun related violence. They can't get the guns if they remain in prison. The point is, there IS a way to make this happen without additional taxation. The politicians avoid it, the attorneys avoid it, the judges avoid it and nothing ever really happens but a bunch of horse-hooie with chin-music. Nobody wants their money machine mangled, remember?

The long and short of it is: The method of crime control we currently have does nothing other that generate a bunch of fat pockets, it isn't helping society and leeches like this careless drunk will forever continue to plague us.

There are effective methods of dealing with this. The big problem is, it takes work, change and something other than simply throwing tax money at it! When we KNOW exactly what a persons criminal history will dictate for their future based on their record, it is no less tha asinine to allow them to access freedom again! This is a simple multiple DWI case that resulted in a tragic death of an innocent person. Only one of hundreds of thousands of these across the nation. We have convicted murderers, rapists, pedophiles and drug dealers freely walking among us by the thousands everyday...just waiting for their next "opportunity". That opportunity could be you, your wife and/or your children.


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