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More jails?

The simple answer is to model new jails after Maricopa County's jail system.

Prisoners wear pink.
They live outside in tents.
If they misbehave, they are moved indoors into solitary.
The meals cost on average 29 cents.
They use chain gangs.
They have the first female chain gang in the world.
No cable TV.
No exercise equipment to make bigger and better criminals.
The jail and it's staff do not coddle prisoners.

Most criminals now consider our jails to be 3 hots and a cot. A criminals Hilton with a hospital wing.

New sentencing rules.
If they have 1 DWI conviction it's jail time, mandatory. This could be handled in traffic court on an expedited basis. Blood sample and breathalyzer report, along with the arrest report being the only evidence needed.

After 1 year confinement, they should go free.
2nd offense 5 years etc.

This system works, and protects the public at the same time.

I would agree to higher taxes if they were used in this way. But you could also seize their property, if they had any, to make them pay for part of it themselves.

The present system does not work. We as society need to re-visit this problem and use common sense to find a real solution before we're bankrupt and can't afford to house the Police, much less prisoners.

When punishment is certain and swift, after a year they may take it more seriously than what they get now. A slap on the wrist.


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