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First, off...Mr. McGill is a spokesman for the authority. He has to craft reasonable amounts of information which are then heavily edited and dumbed-down for the masses who can only accept their sound bites in small bite-sized chunks.

Mr. McGill is not a hydrologist, a geologist, a PE, or any of the other things you presume that he is by your smart-assed post. He goes to those people, get the information that he thinks the media wants, then disseminates it. After that, it is up to them to package it however they want.

I'm certain that CFPUA has all the federal and state permits required and appropriate for this project. They didn't invent the technology which is used successfully all over the world. Do you really believe the Federal/State government gave CFPUA millions of dollars in grant money on a whim with now oversight into what they were doing? I for one believe you are all hat, no cattle.

In fact, an ASR well can prevent salt-water intrusion simply because of the molecular differences between salt water and fresh water.'s not like they are dumping gasoline down into the acquifer. You use of the word "chemicals" shows your ignorant, misuse of context. It's those chemicals that turn upstream hog lagoon Cape Fear River water into something the entire population drinks everyday.

Better put another layer of tinfoil on your hat.


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