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My God Man

What kind of wacked out communist are you? Your logic both flawed and possibly sociopathic. First of all your definition of genocide is archaic. Second, for what you propose to work all life would have to be equal… It’s not… Third, human life has potential and thumbs. A Virus is just a virus… No Thumbs, no breast augmentation, no monster truck rallies. It has no potential other than to kill you or ruin your sex life. Fourthly (I think that’s a word) all humans do not commit genocide as you suggest… there are plenty of Quakers, Seventh Day whatevers, hippies, idiots and the uninsured who never take antibiotics. So essentially in order to follow what you propose we have to suspend disbelief… there is a lot of difference between a human pregnancy and a virus… go knock up a girl and check it out for yourself and get back to me. Still not a funny topic -T.W. Duke


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