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It's possible...

...that the gentlemen in question is just looking to pad his retirement fund with a lawsuit against CFPUA? Uh...let's see...he is in the city limits drinking water from his own well (how is that even possible) and CFPUA is pushing water down into the acquifer in a seperate project. So..the new treated water is pushing groundwater, which this guy is already drinking. He may not even have known about this project if CFPUA hadn't let local residents know.

I have an irrigation well...and the hydrogen sulfide smell (rotten eggs) is pretty good. I wouldn't consider drinking from the groundwater (shallow acquifer) from around these parts.

Also, I have now learned that whatever type of complaint I have against any form of government in this town, I can immediately call WWAY and they will show up and put my complaint on the news, while not fully investigating the facts.

Aquifer storage and recovery systems are used extensively in Florida, and there is another one somewhere in North Carolina. I have seen all sorts of posts on this website by people with full command of their opinions, but with a shortage of facts. I don't know whose idea this aquifer storage project was to begin with, but they should be applauded for strategic thinking.

I'm pretty sure WWAY won't get to the bottom of it..but in case they are interested, the City is not enforcing their leash laws, and the neighbor's dog came over and @*&* in my yard - how about a story on that?


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