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Now, there you go bringing Jesus into this.

You're going to have every side-lipped athiest from Das to Maj ranting about fictional books, imaginary grey bearded men sitting on a cloud watching over us while dengerating anything and everything that has anything to do with any sort of "faith" other than pure spontaneous existence. Thanks for starting that one...again!

The fact is, that in this REAL world where parents do no take responsibility for Lil' Johnny or Lil' Suzi-Q that may have extraordinary mental deficiencies and don't want them broadcast to the rest of society. They instead allow them to walk around unmedicated, undiagnosed and fully unchecked when they indeed, should be! In this REAL world where our legal system allows convicted violent felons to walk freely among us fully unchecked, when they indeed should be, a common sense approach to human preservation is necessary. That should be decided with the common sensical decision making of said school administrators.

You see, with all humor aside this really has nothing to do with God, religion, Catholicism or the Southern Baptist convention. It has to do with how we handle the people in our society that for some reason, do not believe they have to follow the law, that do not receive the medical attention or incarceration they need and feel it necessary to eradicate innocent human beings for their own narrow-minded and impulsive purposes.

Vog, things are quickly changing in this nation. People are getting fed up and are doing due diligence for self-preservation. We have a legal system that doesn't work that intentionally puts violent criminals in the position of walking among us everyday. Like it or not, not everybody believes the KumBaya principle is real and that all is happy-go-lucky, lahh-tee-dahh.


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