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Gossip & Rumors

The Leland 5 got off very easy. What a shame!!!

Why was Former Chief Tim Jayne not included in the criminal investigation? Let's see, Chief of Police was fired, then Deputy Chief, the next two in line, FORMER Lt. Kozak and FORMER Lt. Dellapia, Sgt. Landen, and a patrol officer, were removed. So, basically the top ranking police department managers all the way to the non-ranking police officers - THERE WAS NOT ONE RANKING OFFICER LEFT!!!

Did the SBI miss the fact, or the multitude of facts, that fully implicated Chief Tim Jayne in criminal wrongdoings? Is he being protected to not implicate the other equally guilty politicians? Perhaps individuals that were Jayne's neighbors that officers worked on their personal residences? You know, Jayne lived in a very small neighborhood, with only 5 neighbors, with one being DA Jon David, who got caught not being factually correct (even had to back track on his statements to the media) (Thanks WWAY!) and self admitting to the fact that "Tim Jayne and him are too close to do his job!"

So, here's the question that many need answered - When a Chief of Police is guilty, by their own admission (paying restitution), of criminal statutory laws, how do they get investigated?

Tim Jayne may be serving time as a used car salesman (apparently, where bad cops go after being terminated). Which, yes, I find great satisfaction knowing the man who once used the public tax dollar as his own, now must get up everyday and sell cars. However, there's been too many wrongs, not to make it right. So, please SBI spokesperson, enlighten us on how the SBI completely ignored the ring leader and conveniently did not include him in their investigation.

Oh, one more thing: Attention One-Term Mayor Brenda Boozeman, I just need clarification, is this still just "Gossip and rumors from former disgruntled employees?"


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