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This is news!!??

What a joke! This company is bringing 420 new jobs to Wilmington. Yeah right! What the article failed to mention is that this company pays no money. Most positions here are $10 an hour. People don't stay. It's a revolving door. Just when you finally learn someone's name, they are headed down the road to their next job. Management doesn't care. They'd rather keep training an endless number of new employees at $10/hr than invest a little bit of money in someone that has been loyal and stayed with the company. This company stresses developing a relationship with their clients but can't even hold on to their own employees for more than a few months. I should know. I used to work there. This is not news. This is a joke. This is like another Walmart coming to town. Everybody's going gaga over 420 new jobs. 400 people making $10/hr isn't news to me. I'd rather hear a story about a company that is bringing 50, $50,000/year jobs to the area than bringing 400, $20,000/year jobs.

This isn't even recent news. They decided three weeks ago that they were staying in Wilmington. WECT did a story on it then. Yet these conceited people needed to hold a "press conference" to announce they were staying in Wilmington. Management is clueless. The 420 jobs will never happen. In order to add 420 new jobs this company would have to triple in size. The problem is their business model is broken. There is too much focus on developing the next big thing rather than making sure the current one even works. The are in over their heads. I compare it to trying to build a skyscraper without making sure they have a good foundation. They're trying to go worldwide and create products for clients and they can't even keep a steady workforce of people to do it. Customer service reps leave, IT people leave and managers are looking for new jobs. All because this company has no appreciation for it's employees. They should've called this place Stepping Stone because that's about how their employees view working there. If you're looking for your next two or three month job, apply today! They are always hiring! Congratulations on making the news though! Needless to say I am glad that I no longer live in Wilmington and even happier that I no longer work at The Branch.


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