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5.7 i% i got 1.5%

It just dont make sence , that progress gets a 5.7 % raise on there bills for peopel to pay ,were people like me who are on SSD got a 1.5% on our monthly check,,, , i live in a moble home and its 16x80, its a 2001fleetwood ,,, so why was my bill for last month $233.00, there is a streetlight in front of my place ,, it went out last sept and my power went out to ,,, and thay said im not paying for it ,,, i said ok who is and show me who is paying for it ,, i get no answer's from them or were i live ,,, and i make $900 a month ,,, boy its going to be very very hot at my place ,,tis summer. i should just sell it , but im going to find out frst ,,,, on who is paying that street light bill or who should be payiung for it not me anymore ,, i need to find me help on this matter ,so were do i tune toand who ,,, not progress thay havent help me in 8 yrs !!


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