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must be an election year

this ploy comes from this union comes up every year and the wives and mothers of these poor trodden civil servants come out to all the rallies and forums and plead poor and 911 and blah blah blah. Facts are firefighters are good men and women and deserve a living wage. Firefighters are not HEROS..true firefighters are professionals and as such do a professional job, no different that police, doctors, teachers, lawyers etc. They do not need to be placed on a pedestal. Firefighters in Wilmington, sans the chief are NOT 911 firefighters and to compare them is to dishonor the men and women of 911. Our WFD pay is an HR issue and an issue for our city to address, which it has..and to try ad populum crap with the comparisons like are in this letter which try and make firefighters martyrs or victims of priorities should embarass the rank and file and their families. grow up men. It's time you all address your needs without the nanny of a union being both politic bully and heart string pullers and realize that what you do is important, but it is a part of what makes our city great...not the only part.


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