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Here are the facts

I would agree youre not stupid for that is giving to much credit, you are an IDIOT.

First off; you say "rescue squad", I assume what you really mean is the Emergency Medical Services or (EMS), you know the box on wheels with the flashing lights and sirens, that comes to help when problem solvers like yourself have a problem that they can't solve.

Second; if you were really such an expert like you claim to be, you would know that across this nation, a large number of the Fire Departments do indeed handle both fire services, and EMS (not the "rescue squad" as you inproperly like to call it). That means that its members are qualified to A) extinguish the fire B) remove a victim from the dangerous atmosphere C) put them on the stretcher and into the EMS unit D) administer aid and transport them to the appropriate healthcare facility.

Finally; There are still Fire Departments that do not provide EMS transportation to the hospital. However, most departments are now first responders, that at minimum, are at an EMT-Basic level with many at a Paramedic level. What this means, is if the EMS unit dedicated to your area is on a call helping another problem solver like yourself, the closest fire engine will respond (with the same equipment that the EMS unit has minus a stretcher) to administer aid, stablizize the patient, and prepare them for transport once the ambulance has arrived.

Maybe next time you should put your problem solving skills to work and gather some facts before bashing people that know the facts.

Good Day


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