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Well You have got to be a

You have got to be a fire chief or at the least hold one of those high paying union jobs, I have found that when you deal with a liberal you are talking to the wind ,the name calling comes out when they do not have a real answer and thats you. First off rescue squad is the southern name for the northern EMS all the same except to a liberal. I know when first responders started thats when i quit the fire department.The last time i called 911 i got some dirty farmer to administer emergency service to me i do expect at least a clean EMS person to administer care to me. Just because you do not agree with my view does not make me a idiot except to a freaked out liberal that has no answers to the question.
post script:
Everyone would like to know why fire chiefs lie about ISO ratings just to get a so called fire fees out of people on fixed incomes just so the fire chief can have bragging rights to new equipment ,new buildings,but no pay for fire fighters? Please give me a answer to that so my idiot mind can understand .
Watch out Wilmington this guy is either in the union or is a spokesperson for same.Watch out Wilmington fire fees are coming your way get ready they will be attached to your property tax.Let me give you a heads up they cant charge interest on fees.( All firefighters this is the type of guy that buys new toys and you suffer without a pay raise is this what you need )....Think about it .......Spoken by a idiot fireman.


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