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First and foremost, I am a

First and foremost, I am a wife of an honorable firefighter and paramedic, a mother of 4 children who have to kiss their father goodbye every other day for 24 hrs, and a nurse who has served New Hanover and Brunswick County for over 13 years. For those that believe being a firefighter is "cushy", you my friend are simply just too naive and I daresay that if you were the one that had to run into a fire to try to save someone you would be in a sore need of an adult brief. Every special event in our life has been affected by my husband’s choice of career. I myself being a trauma nurse have seen some horrific things in my career but on my top 3 worst cases that will haunt me are the burned victims. We both serve the public in different forums but most definitely work within the higher range of human desperation and catastrophic situations. I know better than most the harm my husband has put himself in to save some your ungrateful arses and it does all but solidify my doubt in my husband's fervor in his dedication to this community.
I want you all that have voiced your opinions concerning opposing the plight of WFD to obtain AVERAGE pay to really realize what you are saying. You are getting angry with someone that has a true dedication to his public service for you. My husband and I try not to think about the dangers we both face in our jobs because if we do that too often we couldn't do what we do however we were CALLED to do this. For those who say, “If you don't like the pay then you need to quit." Obviously you have never been in a career that you loved and a job is a job so it would be like Ghandi trying to teach the meaning of life to dust bunnies. Gentlemen, you have no point of reference to understand this level of dedication to your community.
For those that say, “Get another job to support your income...” I work part time and I am the bread winner in the family. My firefighter husband works full time for the city and part time job as a paramedic and STILL is bringing home grossly less income than I do. I know for a fact that times have been extremely hard on a few firefighters that they themselves and their wives have donated plasma to pay for groceries rather than to apply for federal assistance. Cushy? Shamed yet Brian?
Then for those that said,"every few years the firefighters and families come out to whine about not getting fair wages and blather about how they are treated unfairly"...well did ya think we might actually stop if we ever DID get those raises??? WFD has yet to receive them therefore get your ear plugs out because we will continue to fight for equal pay.
In conclusion, if we throw out the "how dare you say my husband's life is worth $9.46 hr and no more" argument and get down to the business aspect of this argument. I believe the community should be enraged at the city council for poor allocation of your tax dollars. So before you get mad at the employee that serves you, you better make sure your anger is directed at the ones that took your money and allocated it to something other than your safety.


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