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Have we forgotten?

We rant and rave about Government spending (i.e.) "Oh, how wasteful our dollars are being spent by our Government".
Then we rant and rave about attempts made to cut those spending acts of "dollars" that at one point in time we considered, unnecessary. Confusing isn't it?
Try interpreting our history over the past decade on events that brought us to this point in time in Chapters 1,2, and 3:
Now, take a good look at this video, and decide for yourself about VP Dick Cheney (yes he's part of the loop here as well), and watch the starting gates open wide for one administration to start the spending processes, and all for the Love of and Control of Oil.

It may be a waste of your time to see what research has revealed, but then again it may open your eyes to our countries leaders over the past decade.
I'm not excusing Obama from anything "at all", but the beginning of this major catastrophe called Our Economy starts with Chapter #1 (above)


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