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So you READILY admit that not all the debt is Obama's fault?
So you readily admit that he the FIRST president to address debt?
Of course NOT because that would give him credit for something.
Is that correct?

Stop trying to rewrite history.
The end of GW Bush's Presidency and the beginning of Obamas was marred by the second worst recession in history.
The debt was caused by bipartisan out of control spending AND a very flawed economic theory that cutting taxes pays for itself. Reagan understood this and raised taxes to keep the debt from spiraling out of control - as it was it almost doubled(?) during his 8 years. Clinton gave Bush the FIRST surplus in I don't know how long and the Congress blew it by cutting taxes.
Like I've said politicians have never seen a program they DIDN'T want to spend money on or a tax cut they didn't like.
It took WWII - and its aftermath to get us out of the 1929 depression. I wonder how fast everyone wants to get out of debt? Do we want to put it all on Obama's last 4 years? Is that fair?
He's the ONLY President that has done this (by force or otherwise) - hows THAT for change?
Or do we wish to go McConnell's route - cut taxes even more - creating more debt?
I'll stick with the GOP supported Simpson Bowles recommendations thank you
Which means we still need another $400B in revenue to get to the $3 in cuts to $1 in revenue that SB recommended.



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