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I get so frustrated by this "he's either all right, or he's all wrong" when addressing presidential performance.
Was Bush wrong on the surge? Heck no it helped to being the war to an end.
We can debate other facets of the war ad infinity but we won't.

What about Medicare Part D? I was all for it. Boy did my mind get changed in a hurry when I saw the costs which were far more than anticipated.
What about the Tax Cuts? Boy that was great wasn't it? The rebate checks? Yeah another great idea.

Was Clinton a jerk? Hell yeah he was, but the economy prospered under his tenure. Even Republicans are looking back at the Clinton years fondly it seems.
George HW Bush? Kicked the Iraquis butts but then ended the fight too soon.
Reagan was the man - knew which taxes to cut and when. He completely destroyed the Soviet Union and thankfully didn't let the debt get too out of control.
But since his time it has gotten out of control.
Now everyone is screaming debt, debt debt.

So B M answer a question.
Has any other President cut spending better than Obama has?
Yes or no

Doesn't matter if Boehnner forced his hand or not the President could have vetoed the bill.
Yes or no?



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