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What a weird story

I keep going back and forth on this one.
She was "off duty". No students were exposed to anything.
This falls into a hazy realm of "example setting" as the MAIN reason for the criticism.
Is it fair? She IS paid with taxpayer money but she doesn't enforce anything. She doesn't punish anyone for breaking the law.
This looks like a personal failure - be it a temporary lapse of judgement or a continuing problem of drinking - I just don't know.
Is the real problem that she got caught? Would she be a better person if she stayed home polishing off bottle after bottle?
Or is it the fact that she's a teacher and therefore it becomes titillating news to many of us? Is it that she's an attractive women?
Would we give the janitor the same 15 minutes of "fame" should he get caught drunk driving?
How about the DOT worker - he's paid with our tax dollars - is he not allowed to drink?

I'm not sure this is a news story......



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