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Maybe she doesn't approve of what YOU did!

I seriously doubt you or Baby deddie have a "spotless" record! The point is that this was a personal decision on the teachers behalf, of which she will need to pay the piper. As I said, this was a "personal" decision and has absolutely nothing to do with her performance as a teacher. You can easily find 10 to 15 DWI charges any given day in NHC with the majority of them being much more severe than what she did.

Why in the world WWAY went to the trouble to point this young woman out and identify her as a teacher in an exclamatory manner is beyond me. I see no purpose other than humiliation and an attempt to dengerate her reputation as a public school instructor. I see no purpose with the parents reaction other than to simply "react".

If I were you, I'd be a little more appreciative to have this young lady instruct your son in the art of dance. He just may be afforded the opportunity of success instead of evolving as a mental midget with a short-sighted mentality. Leave her personal life out of it. It doesn't affect you, your son or her ability to teach an artful subject to the needy young minds we produce!


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