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Yes, this has been

Yes, this has been completely blown out of proportion. Did you know that 2-3 NHCS employees are in trouble each month and yet we focus on her? Why? I, for a fact know she blew a very low number and was not drunk. Because of this huge news story her students at school now know and as if it wasn't embarrasing enough, she now has to explain to them what happened. This could have been dealt with between her and her employer just like anyother DUI that took place this weekend but now she must explain her arrest to children who do not understand. We should all, including the media, take a step back from life and annalyze ourselves before we make judgements on others. None of us know fully her story, her life, her circumstances or her consequences. Who are we to throw stones? Would you not want your child in her class if you never knew she had been arrested? Did you know that NHCS hires people who have had DUI's? What's the difference?


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