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Amen. Alot of people

Amen. Alot of people commenting under this are saying things about "letting her off" "or letting her get away with a DUI". Those people aren't just assholes, they are idoits. 1. This is not about her being convicted of the crime, she will go to court just LIKE everyone else. She will be treated the same in court, and if not worse because of the coverage of this story. She will have to face what the judge decides, JUST LIKE anyone you have known. 2. THIS IS ABOUT KEEPING HER JOB..... Someone who has been an excellent teacher for the past 6 years. Who had taken the time to bond with these kids, give them and art to love. Who are any of
You to point the finger at her and tell her to lose her job? We all know someone who was affected by drunk driving. She left somewhere where she had a 3 drinks hours before and WAS CAUGHT SPEEDING. Not swerving, not acting irrationally. SPEEDING. How many speeding tickets are given each day? It just so happened to be there was alcohol still in her system, and because of the time of night the officer decided to ask... And she MADE A DECISION NOT to lie.

With that being said, I'm a close friend of hers that speaks the truth. She is not a drunk, she works 3 jobs (2 outside of teaching where she also works with kids) because of some down time that she wanted to have on her time off, and made a decision to have a few drinks and then hours later drove home a got pulled for speeding we are going to treat her like this? Where is humanity?


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