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Get your facts right

First of all, people need to understand that more guns means fewer murders. To argue otherwise is just ignorant. There is NO way possible to get rid of all guns. Period. There is probably over a billion in the world. They can literally be made at home, or they can just use other weapons such as blades, bombs, or other weapons. Unfortunately, there will always be evil people in the world. The last thing you want is to disarm the population. More guns=fewer gun murders. If teachers carry concealed weapons, that makes it that much more likely that a shooter will be stopped. So, you say that teachers shouldn't carry a gun. "That argument is absurd." Well, whats stopping teachers from bringing a gun to shoot students right now? Not much. In fact, we're already putting our children's lives in their hands.
We declared a war on drugs some 40 years ago. After all of the time and resources spent, how successful has it been? It's been a complete waste of time and money. Cocaine is as available as ever. Look for criminals on just about any street corner in the U.S. if you don't believe me. Someone is arrested for drugs every hour of every day. If we can't even stop cocaine coming in from other countries, how can you possibly think that criminals won't have access to guns? YOU CAN'T. So, if you want to give up your RIGHT to protect yourself from ARMED or UNARMED thugs, then that's your call. If you contribute to getting illegal laws passed to make citizens fugitives, because they will not give up their arms (including 30 round mags and semi autos) then know that you contributed to bloodshed. Americans will NOT lay down their weapons-- even if it means a civil war. BLOOD will be on YOUR hands, too. Doing this in God's name? Then why haven't the Israelites disarmed? They armed teachers to deal with school shootings. They didn't just rely on God to step in. If God's children need weapons to protect themselves, why don't you? They're not foolish, that's why.

More guns=less crime. You better think twice before you sign your soul to the government. After all, governments kill many more people because of policies than just wars over territory or other reasons. As previously mentioned, the American people will NOT be disarmed. So, either be part of the solution or continue to be part of the problem. STOP trying to be a part of people control aka gun control!!!!


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