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Here's some "awareness" for the church to consider.

First of all, the church needs to gain control of the "churches problems" up front. We all know what those are and we all know that, to this very day, they continue to occur. Once that happens, they can delve into the private sector and assist with those problems.

Their purpose with the petition is as ill-conceived as our white-house occupants efforts. The basic premis of "banning" certain type of firearms, magazines, ammo and instituting background checks is an exercise in futility and only imposes new regulations to law-abiding citizens. It does absolutely nothing to address criminal behavior. They must realize that criminals that DON'T observe ANY law or ANY of its regulations. Ringing a "bell" yet?

Until the justice system addresses the mutliple violent felons they continually allow back into society. Until they realize these felons commit the same gun-violence related crimes over and over and over and UNTIL they keep the felons in a place where it is impossible for them to get guns, nothing will ever be resolved.

Gun related violence against innocent citizens is a horrible thing and I don't care what the felons do to each other, but gun related violence has to be stopped at its roots. Those roots are the felons that burn up the revolving door of the courtroom, that don't do their time and are constantly let off the hook to do it all over again.

So St, Brendans, start a REAL petition that means something! Petition the courts to start enforcing the laws that exist and start keeping criminals behind bars where they belong instead of allowing then to freely roam through our society and wreak havoc at their impulsive whim! This is all very simple! It surprises me that with all of the "intelligent ones" we have that create law can't seem to not only grasp this concept, they fail to even address it!

Reciting 2000 Hail Mary's and 3000 Our Fathers isn't going to solve this problem. Proposing new regulations without properly addressing and RESOLVING the root of the problem is just as useless! If you're going to take a stand and take action, make it work and stop wasting everyones time and effort. There's already enough of that going on in Washington!


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