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I didn't prove any point of yours.

And don't need to. The Koran proves itself. The people that live by the Koran vow to die by it. It's their call. We all know who the Koran defines as "infidels" and we all know what the Koran tells it's followers to do the "infidels". "Kill them!"

So, you're telling me there are "true Muslims"? Is that vs. "fake Muslims"? So what was status of dear old Hasan that murdered 13 US Army soldiers and injured 36 more as he praised Allah? was he a "real Muslim" or a "fake Muslim"?

Now about those Saudis that invaded Americas freedom on 9-11 and murdered over 3000 innocent souls. Were they of the "fake Muslim" variety or were they "real"? I don't see anything at all racist about my comments. You stick to your book and I'll stick to mine!

The TRUTH sucks doesn't it?


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