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Now you know why

I believe the entire city government should be replaced.
They are doing BULKHEAD work and surface improvements.

This is why the council wanted the county to change the name from beach renourishment to waterfront improvement funds so that the city could tap into the fund CLAIMING it was for waterfront improvement for tourist attractions.

Sorry city council. You made a mistake - a couple of them as a matter of fact.
First - you assumed you could beat Mother Natures relentless erosion by bulkheading a shoreline. Beachfront dwellers have found out all to well you don't beat Mother Nature. Oh by the way since we now consider riverfront the same as beach front I assume insurance on city waterfront buildings (CC) is going up 20% correct?
Second - you also assume that the city's "waterfront" is as attractive to tourists as the beaches are. Are you THAT dumb? Really?
No beach funds for riverfront buildings.
O'Grady? Rivenbark? Saffo? Your continued attempts at tax money grabbing through annexation was STOPPED by the Legislature. Your attempt at stealing beach sand pumping funds is embarrassing at best and criminal at it's worst.
You should be ashamed.
"Oh we'll build it and let the county pay the cost for maintaining it."
You are a ship of fools



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