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Perfect example of police abuse

This comment is the personification of the "code of silence" and protecting the "thin blue line". As a police officer who has worked in a corrupt organization and has tried to toe the line and do the right thing and paid the ultimate sacrifice for it, it is this mentality that we protect our "brother officers" no matter how corrupt, wrong or immoral they may be because it is "us against them". There is no way we can ever better ourselves in the law enforcement career field if we don't stop making excuses and start doing what is ethically and morally right. The ends don't justify the means and, no matter how bad criminals get, we need to be above it. But we continue to allow bullies like this poster to threaten officers who want to do right, intimidate them to keep quiet and continue to never fix ourselves.
But the career field is also to blame. We put almost unrealistic expectations on the police to work long hours for low pay, run to danger when others run away and expose them to a culture that most of us can avoid. Added to that "Monday Morning Quarterbacking" by officers and the public, internal pressures and politics, and you have a recipe for disaster. I know many of the officers that have been swept up in this and they were once exceptional officers that knew right from wrong and had a moral compass. But they are products of this environment - I'm sure many, at some point, saw problems and wanted to stop it but thugs like this poster probably convinced them to keep quiet. And as they got in deeper, it was too late.
I think this is the perfect time for Chief Evangelous to show the leader that he is, fix this and the many other issues that exist - and, unfortunately, there are many - and set the tone in this department.


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