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Why is there always the argument that negative comments only come from criminals or bitter speed demons with an ax to grind? It’s kind of like the worn out argument that you should open up your door, automobile, or person to warrantless searches…because after all, “only those with something to hide would have a problem with it”. I guess you figure it’s only the ones that are at the business end of handcuffs that would question law enforcement tactics.

I've never been arrested. OK, so yes, I got one (well-deserved) speeding ticket at the age of 19...about 20 years ago. Did you ever stop to think that those of us that have witnessed police corruption in the courtroom could have been there as the jury pool or spectators? Not everyone in the courtroom is an attorney or defendant. There are those that volunteer as courtroom monitors to witness the outcomes of drunk driving cases, domestic violence, etc. Likewise, not everyone that has witnessed police brutality was at the other end of the billyclub or tazer.

Some cops lie. Some judges and prosecutors look the other way even when the lie is blatant and has irrefutable evidence to the contrary. It happens, and it happens more than just occasionally. The 'code of silence' that the Chief speaks of runs deep and doesn't stop with the badge. If you’d like to see for yourself, how about not trying to get out of jury duty next time your called. Or take a day or two unprompted and go down and watch a trial yourself. Don’t just pick the high profile cases; check out the Joe Shmoe cases where nobody is watching. You know, they are in the business of closing cases. Sadly, some don’t care if the crime and the perp match.

So don't assume us to be criminals because we aren't down with corruption. And we won't automatically assume you as the wife or mother of a LEO.


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