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Destruction of evidence

The destruction of one of the recording devices and the officers voice heard on the other device stating how it needs to go away doesn't have anything to do with this issue? Not only is that obstruction of justice, it is also destruction of city property. The deception that was shown when the polygraph was administered to that same officer has nothing to do with this issue?

The lieutenant that doesn't follow policy and protocols, is accused of creating a hostile work environment, she has admitted in court to cutting tires, firing her duty weapon at another officer while both were on-duty and in full uniform, she allegedly stabbed her husband and then claimed it was because he startled her, the former sergeant that falsified his time card and is still on the force all have to do with this issue. The issue is officers that break not only policy but commit crimes and are allowed to continue to work.

If you shot at one of your co-workers, do you think you would just get a suspension or do you think you would be charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill? If you willfully destroyed company property, would the company allow you to stay there or could there be a vandalism charge? If you clocked in but didn't actually work, would your company keep you on the payroll or might you get charged with either theft by employee or embezzlement? But since they are officers, it seems a different set of rules apply to them.


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