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I sincerely hope that Chief Evangelous reads my comment and takes this seriously. I already posted a similar one on WECT's article regarding this investigation last week. There are a few police officers who think they can do whatever they want because of their status and rank. I have personal knowledge and witnessing of officers shopping, running errands, visiting "friends", and going home out of their districts to relax while on duty. I know that 12 hours is a long shift, but that comes with the job and responsibility that they signed up for when choosing their career. I would think that all patrol cars are equipped with GPS with the current technology that the department is currently using. If so, how often are officers whereabouts checked? Can the GPS be looked at to see where an officer has been and for how long? In my opinion random checks should be performed for the safety of the public. It only takes a few minutes or seconds for someone to be hurt or killed when an officer is not where he/she is supposed to be and the repsonse time takes longer than it should. That being said, I respect and appreciate the great job that officers who are committed to our community and perform their jobs serving and protecting our area by following department procedures and rules.


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