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Correct me if I'm wrong

"Having said that, I'm not very comfortable with the usurpation of States Rights by our federal government and that's what's happening when the Feds withhold federal funds unless a state does exactly what the feds tell them to do. After all, those funds came from the states in the first place. How do we choose which States Rights we give up?"
I thought that the Federal Highway Administration funds came from the Federal Gasoline tax, which is separate from the state tax.
So the money may originate here but its not state funds.

"when the Feds withhold federal funds"
Withhold funds?
"If not, the state must divert $44.1 million from its construction budget to its safety budget"

So in essence the state loses NOTHING - instead of using that $44.1M for bridge building it has to go to anti drunk driving stuff. No withholding at all.

I'm not too happy about this for many reasons - the primary one being the judiciary might not be doing it's job and NC is is paying a price for their shortcomings.
But I don't see your harsh condemnation of the FEDs as being totally correct either.



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