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NO Chef

I am by no means giving up on states rights.
The gasoline tax is broken up into two separate parts, one state, one federal.
The fact that the federal money is coming back to the state does NOT give the state the ability to dictate how that money is spent when in fact the FEDs already say we'll give you this money for new bridges UNLESS you can't control drunk driving then you'll have to spend it on education and prevention.
Now lets assume those Fed dollars are part of a bigger pool that includes money from all 50 states. ND has needs but the FEDs decide they don't need their new road as badly as NC needs their bridge. So the FEDs give all of NDs gas tax plus some extra to NC for their bridge. Hasn't the Federal government already impinged on states rights? (Like ND's) Or did they really say to NC "we are granting you this money with strings attached"?



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