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police corruption

To all of you who are personally attacking me because of me speaking about corruption in the Wilmington police dept.,obviously haven't lived here very long. First, I did not say all police are corrupt. And you have to be pretty naive to not believe there is corruption in many police departments. Sure, it's worse in Russia. But, i have been harassed by the police, i was wrongly charged because the idiot magistrate got the warrant backwards and i was arrested instead of the criminal! And i know for a fact that the police have been told by the city of Wilmington to allow vagrants to hang out in parts of the city, but not other areas. How would you feel if vagrants were constantly hanging around your business and the police would do nothing? Would you like that? Do any of you remember the last police chief who was an alcoholic and showed up at crime scenes drunk? Probably not. I could go on and on, including many cases in the past when the drug money confiscated was not the same amount proclaimed in a court case. Any other questions?


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