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Hold on a minute

Hold on a minute Guest7848.
There's a delivery guy (name I won't mention) we have that I've gotten to know. He is dying to become an officer with WPD. IMO...a good choice being 6'4...BIG...and a super nice level headed person.
After weeks upon weeks of training...he passing with flying colors within their Police Training program, as he told me...he was recently "denied" employment due to the fact (as he was told by a member of the police dept.) that he had to be "passed by" due to the police department's needs to balance out their officers by race and gender. An act some consider prejudice within itself...some call "Fair". (These are his words...not mine).
In my opinion...he wasn't showing any prejudice emotions during our conversation...just questioning the fact about some of the cadets that "did get placed" he saw some of those individuals weren't cut out to be officers during training. Once again...his words...not mine.
So, there are some individuals that want to become WPD officers...they really do...but due to no choice of their own...they 'weren't born into this world with the right type of mold". Once again...his words...not mine.
No...this type of selective employment isn't centered just around the WPD...but throughout our country. It just effects things in a negative manner in some cases more then others.
I keep telling our delivery guy to keep plugging away at it...but he's considering relocation for law enforcement employment.
This being said Guest7848...I have "NO" arrest record...but would like to see the FBI at least investigate. The Police Dept. individuals guilty for their actions brought this on the Dept...not John Q. Public.
In today's world...people are seeking more answers then ever before on wrong doing's of elected officials...or whomever else represents the public for their tax dollars...and what is simply morally right or wrong, in the processes.
Common sense tells individuals when something isn't right...and we praise things that are "well done" for the good of people. Unfortunately...there is more wrong then right occurring in today's world...and people want answers...and so do you!


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