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It sickens me to the core of my soul to read some of the postings some people put on here. Some people have so many negative things to say about the WPD and the people who work there.  The vast majority of you all  also go through some things in your personal or professional life that may be a cause of concern. Its suprising how judgemental folks can become especially when they don't know specifically what is going on themselves, and everything is "He said this or she said that". Its dosen't matter if it is concerning the process to become a WPD officer, or the unfortunate incident that is currently taking place. Some people talk so negatively of an organization and profession, where lives and livelyhood are at stake. Sure, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but good lord, give those guys and gals a break. Let the people whos job it is to investigate, investigate before you automatically decide to become judge, jury, and executioner. You talk and say so many negative and evil things about WPD and law enforcement in general, but best believe if all hell was to break loose somehow somewhere in your life, you would have no problem calling 911!!!!!


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