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This character

Was arrested in 2004 for drug trafficking in Brazil. In 2006 he was arrested for a ponzi scheme that bilked MILLIONS from investors.
And yet he was able to buy firearms?
Some back ground check done by the LEOs huh? This of course is a career criminal using various aliases. Just like the criminals that have their girlfriends go to gun shows to buy weapons for them there.
Look I'm a gun owner and have a CWP. I know how to use it safely and since I switched from my old 45 to a 9mm my accuracy has improved.
I have nothing to fear from a background check.
I also believe that repeat offenders for drugs, violent crimes, and others should be sent to prison. Nutcases shouldn't be able to purchase guns.
But this type of event and the person involved are giving more and more credence to the argument that background checks should be conducted and they should be extensive.
Protect the "law abiding" part of gun owners by NOT allowing these guys the ability to buy....



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