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Wilmington - a baseball town

3 games against VCU this weekend.
UNCW won all 3 - a sweep a grand weekend for them.
Fri - 790
Sat - 930
Sun - 1070 or so

Brooks field capacity is 3000
we're running at or slightly below 33%

And I wonder how many of those attendees are students who don't pay to get in?
Athletics at UNCW are an afterthought. I wonder how much longer this "afterthought" will be tolerated given the low attendance and poor performance of some of the teams?
The University has imposed a fee increase this year - on all students that goes towards the Athletics department.
There is another fee increase scheduled for next year which will bring the fee increase up 33% over 2 years -while donations from the Seahawk booster club, and the alumni are decreasing.
Here we are again - imposing a fee on all students so that one program doesn't look so bad. We are socializing the losses to all students enrolled.
Other media outlets are saying its time to look hard at the Athletic department. Buzz Peterson the basketball coach makes more money than the Athletic director at ECU makes and they have a football team in addition to the other sports.
It's not time to look hard at the athletic department.
it's time to cut it
Its time to STOP financially hurting all students for the benefit of a few that are partaking in a non educational, extra curricular activity.
Its time to STOP making all students pay when the athletic boosters and alumni are failing to donate enough $.
I love sports as much as anyone - but this has become such a drain on the University.......



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