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Where's the Beef?

O.K. So far this seems like almost every male-female relationship since the beginning of time. I was "groped" by every man I ever went out with including the man who eventually became my husband. The key is what the man did when told to stop. Also, it depends on what your definition of "groping" is. The alleged victim continued to have a relationship with Mayor White after this so-called "groping" incident and did not report anything to police until months later. This doesn't sound like sexual battery and assault to me. On top of that, this alleged victim has a history of charging men in court when a relationship turns sour. Just last year, after trying to get a restraining order against a former lover, she was found guilty of stalking the man, paid a fine and served community service. Unless the alleged victim comes up with a "smoking gun" of evidence, I expect Mayor White's attorney will have a field day with her when he gets his chance to cross examine. Maybe he will even mention the fact that she intends to sue the Mayor and the District Attorney to get a monetary payoff as she said she would do on her blog. The tragedy in all of this is that sexual battery and abuse are a growing problem in this country. All of that will be lost in Brunswick County because of this alleged victim's delusional charges.


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