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It sounds a little fishy but....

...maybe we need to keep an open mind. Let me first say that I do not know either the accuser or the defendant, this is just my perspective as someone looking from the outside, in.

I've been reading the accuser's blog off and on for a while now, and I will admit some of the things she writes is pretty absurd. I definately do see a bit of childish and vindictive behaviors in her which comes across from the things that are written. The ridiculous halloween picture of the judge, for instance, I think really stands out as elementary behavior. A little dignity would have served her better.
The the accuser also portrays herself as a "know-it-all" writer, investigator, lawyer, artist, despite the fact that it is clear that her skills in those departments are amateurish at best. This is annoying, and does nothing to further her case,and frankly it makes her very unlikable.

I also don't understand why the accuser carried on with Richard White and continued to keep company with him if she was so afraid and uncomfortable. In my opinion, this really casts doubt on her claims of assault. The accuser declares that she was only seeing White as to not "mess up" an investigation against her attorney. But any logical adult should know that having an ongoing relationship-whether platonic or not- with an investigator is not the usual way of doing business. If anything, it makes the accusations of unwanted touching, dubious.

On the other hand, I believe that we as society have a responsibility to take accusations of assault seriously, and we must hold accountable elected officials who abuse their power. If one percent of what this woman is claiming is true, about White misusing his authority, then folks, there is a serious problem in Brunswick County, and we owe it to ourselves to get to the bottom of the matter.


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