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"Rachel" Equals Lorena Bobbit--Figuratively Anyway

Rachel is the name WWAY3 uses to refer to the alleged victim, so that is what I will call her. Do you folks recall the famous John and Lorena Bobbitt incident in 1993? This was the case where the wife cut off her husband's private part because of some perceived indiscretion. Luckily for him, surgeons were able to re-attach it so he was as good as new. But, alas, John and Lorena were soon divorced. I often wondered if Lorena was able to get a date with any other men after her divorce. Well, Rachel may not take such drastic action as Lorena Bobbitt, but she still seems to find a way to take legal action against men who she has dated and who she believes treated her badly. Last year, she was found guilty of stalking a former lover and this year, Mayor White did not meet her expectations, whatever those were. I wonder if Rachel will ever be able to get another date after this in Brunswick County. Lorena Bobbitt, where are you when we need you!!!!!


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